Imagine Your Company's Channel

This is a game changing opportunity for companies and organizations! You can have your own channel to use as a tool! You can run your own ads on your own channel, which will save you millions if not tens of millions of dollars a year! Not only that, but you could also use your channel to explain in depth about your products/services, mission statement, community and charitable involvements, your company events, share with your shareholders, connect directly with your customers/clients, as well as using your channel for hiring processes, company training, meetings, promotions, and more! Everything in one place, at one time! The things a company can do with their own channel are limitless!

Our program has some great things to offer!

1. Hands free submissions- All the company/organization has to do is submit their content and we take care of the everything else!

2.  Distribution- We will stream your channel across our network! Either regional or worldwide (you decide) via Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, AndroidTV, Android App, Web App, Web Player, iOS, & Vimeo.  As we add more platforms, they will be streamed on those as well!

3. Multiple additional options- You can add an audio or live event channel to your package or both!

4. Corporate Production Program- That's right, your company/organization can have a short or feature film produced based on your products/services! Our sister company (REEL Cinema 314 Films, Studio, & Productions) will handle everything! From script writing, directing, hiring actors, crew, editing, music, etc... all you have to do is provide the idea behind/around your products/services and approve the script! Any genre! Your film will be added to your company's channel as well! All this at a very nice discount! 

Contact us for pricing on both the Corporate Channel Leasing & the Corporate Production programs! Look forward to hearing from you soon! ALL CORPORATE CHANNEL LEASE AGREEMENTS HAVE A 1 YEAR MINIMUM REQUIREMENT.