Tim was born and raised in St. Louis County, always eager to learn something new and do everything he could possibly think of! Never one to let grass grow under his feet, he has worn many hats! He has had many jobs, most times working two at a time! From fast food, construction, and telemarketing to security, bail bonds/fugitive recovery, FEMA and healthcare. He has always had the entrepreneurial spirit as well! Owning a cafe in Orlando and owning a limo business here in St. Louis. More recently, a clothing store, a massage spa, and a reflexology business. He's also a war veteran!

In the summer of 2016, he finally got a chance to follow another one of his dreams, which was acting! Today, he has 19 film credits to his name, 4 commercials, 2 infomercials, 1 hip hop video and has even appeared on NBC's hit series Chicago Fire! He also wrote, directed, produced, & starred in "Cuff'd Up", a short drama that has been selected in 5 film festivals to date and has screened twice! He also directed " Casually Not Dating", a short comedy that has been selected in 23 film festivals to date and screened six times and has won the critique choice award for Best Short International film!  In addition, he has written five more screenplays and fully attends to produce at least 2 of them this year! As if that isn't enough, He has also written a teen movie that he has produced and is currently being edited and will also produce and host a talk show as well! 

He's an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, author, and CEO! Welcome to his newest venture, REEL Cinema 314 Films, Studio, & Productions and REEL Cinema TV Network! He firmly believes that if opportunities don't come to you, you must create them! And so, he has. Another motto he lives by is simple. Work hard, play hard, and make no excuses for either one!